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Snappers are lean fish, with a mild, sweet flavor. Many other fish with red skin are passed off as red snapper in the marketplace, but the only species that can be legally labeled as red snapper is the American red snapper. Red snapper have distinctive red skin and red eyes and are harvested through domestic fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic. They are also imported from Mexico.


Red Snapper

Red snapper

Harvested along the southeastern United States for well over a century, red snapper is an iconic American fish, and extremely popular among commercial and recreational fishermen alike. Due to past overfishing, both Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic stocks are currently below the sustainable levels (overfished). However, they’re now managed under rebuilding plans, which will allow the stocks to rebuild to sustainable levels by a specified deadline. Scientists confirmed in 2012 that the Gulf red snapper stock is rebuilding as planned.

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Vermilion Snapper

Vermilion snapper

Similar in appearance to their larger relative, the red snapper, vermilion snapper is the most frequently caught snapper along the southeastern United States.  The fisheries for this species are actively managed in both the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico through size limits, bag limits, and catch quotas.

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