Mahimahi Group Page

Mahimahi is the Hawaiian common name for dolphinfish (no relation to the mammal dolphin). Dolphinfish are also sometimes known as dorado. Although most people associate mahimahi with Hawaii, this colorful fish is abundant in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world, supporting many important commercial, artisanal, and recreational fisheries.

Atlantic Mahimahi/Dolphinfish

Atlantic Mahimahi

About a third of the U.S. commercial harvest of mahimahi comes from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, where the recreational fishery for this species is more dominant. While mahimahi is abundant and can support a high rate of harvest, managers have adopted a precautionary approach to managing these fisheries.

Pacific Mahimahi/Dolphinfish

Pacific Mahimahi

Most U.S. harvest of mahimahi comes from the Pacific, mainly Hawaii. No domestic regulations currently apply to mahimahi at this time– their biology makes them resilient to fishing pressure and catch trends have so far indicated that the fish stock is sustainable.