Grouper Group Page

Groupers and sea basses belong to one of the largest and most widely distributed families of fish. Red grouper is the most well-known grouper in the market, but gag is pretty popular as well. Once the skin is removed from the fish, it’s hard to tell these fish apart, but gag has firmer meat when it’s fresh. Grouper has a mild but distinct flavor.

Gag Grouper


Gag is one of the most abundant groupers in the Southeast and is caught in commercial and recreational fisheries from North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico. Most of our commercial harvest comes from the west coast of Florida, with smaller amounts from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida’s east coast.

Red Grouper

Red Grouper

Prized for its availability, flavor, and size, red grouper is harvested in both commercial and recreational reef fish fisheries in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.