eating seafood

From vitamin D and omega 3s to mercury and PCBs – is seafood healthy and safe to eat? Yes! Experts agree that we should be eating two servings of seafood a week. For most people, the overall benefits of seafood consumption outweigh potential food safety risks. Still not convinced? Read on for the latest information about the benefits and risks of eating seafood, guidelines for properly handling seafood, and a few recipes to help make sure your two servings are not only nutritious but delicious, too.

Health and safety

Seafood is a healthy food choice for people of all ages. It provides key nutrients and healthy protein for everyone from infants to adults. Seafood supplies the nutrients essential for building strong bones, brain development, and healthy immune and cardiovascular systems. Based on extensive research by experts around the world, the federal government and leading health organizations recommend eating two servings of seafood - or 12 ounces - each week as part of a healthy diet. The bottom line is - the benefits of seafood consumption outweigh potential food safety risks. LEARN MORE

Latest research

The subject of the benefits and risks of eating seafood is a compelling and ongoing scientific issue. Around the world, researchers and health and medical professionals continue to conduct studies to expand what we know about this subject. LEARN MORE about some of the latest, peer-reviewed research on the subject.

Handling seafood

Many people shy away from eating seafood at home because they’re unsure how to properly handle it. Seafood is more perishable than many food items, so you must pay a little more attention to its careful handling. But don’t let that scare you away from a delicious, nutritious meal—as recommended by Delaware Sea Grant’s Consumer's Guide to Safe Seafood Handling disclaimer, just remember to “keep it cold, keep it moving, and keep it clean.LEARN MORE about general guidelines to follow to maintain the quality and safety of your seafood.


Experts say we should increase the amount and variety of seafood we eat for a healthy diet. Luckily, seafood is simple to prepare and very versatile—with light cooking methods such as grilling, poaching, broiling, and baking, seafood is delicious and nutritious any way you cook it. And with so many kinds of seafood available, you should have no trouble eating a variety. To help you eat well, here are some of our favorite sustainable seafood recipes from chefs around the country.